DR of Congo - Katana

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The espresso roast of the Congolese coffee. Roasted a bit darker and thus being less acidic and fruity. Congo is very underrated in the specialty coffee scene. After having tasted this wonderful and high quality (87.25 points out of 100), I knew I had stumbled onto a small treasure!

The coffee is grown in the village of Katana by small family owned producers. It is processed by the COOP RAEK, who ensuresfair wages and working conditions for the farmers. Another big point for RAEK is reforestation as well as solely using organic fertilizers (they are organic certified).

The coffee has wonderful floral notes, very mild and fruity. A coffee for people who enjoy the more fruity and acidic flavors, coffee has to offer. I roast it super lightly which even more brings out the natural acidity in the bean.

    • COOP: RAEK
    • Grown in: Katana in the east of Congo
    • Altitude: 1400 – 1800 m
    • SCA score (on a scale of 100): 87.25 points (excellent)
    • Taste notes: floral (jasmine), peach, citrus fruits
    • Varietéiten: JBM eng Zort Typica, Bourbon Jackson
    • 100% Arabica
    • Process: natural
    • No use of chemicals (RAEK is organic certified)
    • Harvested by hand
    • Fairly traded
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The coffee is roasted by:


Sadler Patrice

5, montée du Château

L-6314 Beaufort

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250g, 1kg

Whole bean/ground

an der Boun/whole beans, gemuel fir Filter/ground for filter, gemuel fir/ground for Bodum/French Press, gemuel fir/ground for Espresso (Cafétière italienne Bialetti), gemuel fir/ground for Hario V60, gemuel fir/ground for Chemex


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