... to all the people that have supported me!

All alone, it would never have been possible to start roasting and selling my own coffee. That's why I want to thank everyone who's supported me! 

  • Thank you Moulin Dieschbourg! Because of you I've become a real coffee addict and you let me roast on your roaster.
  • Thank you Knopes Torréfaction ! You offered me employment for 6 months and taught me everything about Espresso, Latté Art and specialty coffee! Because of you I was able to cup a lot of insanely good coffees!
  • Thank you Babbo Café, for helping me through some administrative hurdles!
  • Thank you Mondo del Caffè, for supporting me from the get go, selling me green coffee and helped me whenever needed!
  • Thank you Café Loren, for letting me roast coffee at your place!
  • Thank you Elina (my girlfriend) for supporting all of my crazy ideas! Without you by my side, this would never have been possible! I love you!
  • Thank you to all my friends who were the guinea pigs for my roasts.
    • Thank you Magali & Chris
    • Thank you Chris & Christiane
    • Thank you Dave
    • Thank you Anne
    • Thank you Dany
    • Thank you brother
  • Thank you 100.7, for inviting me to Generator and talk about coffee on air! 
  • Thank you d’Bäckerei Jeitzfor being the very first shop selling my coffees!
  • Thank you Berdorfer Eck,for selling my coffee since 2020 in their little shop! 

I am sure I have forgotten people on this list! If I have forgotten you, pleas don't be mad ;) Simply let me know and I'll add you!