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I roast the coffee from Limmu Kossa darkerwhich gives it chocolate and nutty flavors. Perfect for people enjoying the Brazilian and Peruvian coffees.

This wonderful floral coffee from Ethiopia, will open up a new coffee world for you. Ethiopia, being the origin of coffee (and humankind) still grows wild coffees (heirlooms) and hence produces coffees which cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

  • Finca: Limmu Kossa
  • Owner: Gidey Berhe Retta
  • Produced in: Limmu Kossa, Jimma Zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1,840 – 2,130m
  • SCA score (on a scale of 100): 87 points (excellent)
  • Taste notes: hazel nut, chocolate, floral, passion fruit, sugar cane
  • Varieties: old Ethiopian varieties (heirloom)
  • Process: washed
  • 100% Arabica
  • very little acidity
  • forest coffee
  • No use of chemicals (Limmu Kossa is organic certified)
  • Harvested by hand
  • Fairly traded

Here a short video about Limmu Kossa, made by Maria's Coffee from the States.

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The coffee is roasted by:


Sadler Patrice

5, montée du Château

L-6314 Beaufort

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125g (Testpackung), 250g, 1kg

Whole bean/ground

an der Boun/whole beans, gemuel fir Filter/ground for filter, gemuel fir/ground for Bodum/French Press, gemuel fir/ground for Espresso (Cafétière italienne Bialetti), gemuel fir/ground for Hario V60, gemuel fir/ground for Chemex


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