Cascara - dried coffee cherry

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Cascara is spanish for hull. Meaning it is the coffee cherry that protects the coffee beans inside.

Most of the time the fruit is only used in origin to make tea out of it or is send straight to the compost heap. But cascara tea is way to delicious to just discard of it entirely.

When I was talking to Ethiopian coffee farmer Abiy about cascara in Milan, he explained to me, that it was super important to find a way for farmers to sell cascara. This could be a new source of income for a lot of them. Obviously I wanted to be part of that solution for the farmers and ordered a Cascara ze verkafen, an esou ee weidert Standbeen ze hunn niewt dem Kaffi. Mir war direkt kloer, dass ech Deel vun der Léisung fir d’Kaffisbaueren si wëll, an dofir hunn ech direkt ee 15kg bag of cascara .

That's how it came about that I am now offering cascara from Ethiopia.

The cascara has flavours of hibiscus, earl grey an lemon.

How to preapare cascara?

You can prepare cascara as infusion or, when it is hot outside, as a delicious and fruity cold brew.

For an infusion: use 7.5g of cascara and 200ml of hot water. Let it steep for 5 minutes and voilà ENJOY!

For a cold brew: use 20g of cascara and 1L of cold water. Let it steep for around 8 hours in the fridge and enjop your fruity cascara refreshment.

Cascara does have a tiny amount of caffeine but way less than coffee. 

100g of cascara per bag.


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